Monday, March 22, 2010

Why I'm Switching To The Nexus One

The iPhone and I have had quite the adventure. It's been like one of those relationships that you'll always remember. Started off with so much love and adoration, but then it took a turn for the worse. It started with some taunting and name calling, then some arguments and before you know it, we were always bickering at each other.  That's when I knew it was time to move on.

History In The Making
Ever since the Android operating system was revealed, I've been keeping a close eye on it. Waiting for the right time to try it out. I've always felt that it was not ready yet - like the Linux of yesteryear. Now, I believe the OS is ready for prime time - only thing that was lacking was the right hardware.  I had high hopes for the the Droid - only to be disappointed and taunted by the fact that it is on the Verizon network. Then the Nexus One was revealed and all was good. That is until it was also revealed that AT&T 3G was not supported. All the while I kept bickering with my iPhone 3G on how slow it would get or how ridiculous it was that I had to completely shut down apps when I wanted to Tweet, surf and text to friends.  

Long Term Goals
Of course it does help that developing on the Android platform means I can develop apps in Java.  That is a huge plus for me since I have made a full commitment to this language and eco system.  Although I do wish the UI building had better support and tooling, it's one hurdle that I'm willing to overcome.

Perfect Timing
All that changed last week when the AT&T 3G compatible version was released to the world just when Walmart gave out our yearly incentive award.  The decision did not come lightly since switching to Android would mean that I would no longer be able to have access to the 100k+ apps or the ability to develop them.  It all came down to this: if I find that the Android OS and Nexus One are not for me, I'll sell it on e-bay or craigslist and buy an iPhone 4.0 - whenever that comes out.

Time Will Tell
Will I enjoy it? Will this be the start of another relationship much like the iPhone one I'm getting out of? One thing is for certain, I'm eagerly anticipating opening up the package and using the new gadget in my life. Expect to see many more posts about the Nexus One, Android and mobile development in the days to come.


Andrew said...

Had you jailbroken your iPhone? The way you describe it getting slow and needing to close apps, it sounds likely. The lack of backgrounding is a thorn in the iPhone's side, and the way Android does it seems really good.
There do seem to be more and more apps available on Android every day, which will only help cement its adoption and relevance, so I trust it will compete with the iPhone neck-and-neck at this point… especially if the hardware continues to be as nice as the Nexus One's.

Oscar said...

Yes, the phone is jailbroken. What I meant on closing apps is the act of exiting an application to check or use another.