Thursday, December 21, 2006

PC Debate: Merry Christmas

Funny how not so long ago we would all say “Merry Christmas!” You would even see banners all over the cities with those two words that carry so much meaning. Then it turned to “Merry X-Mas!” I never really liked that phrase so I never used it, I guess many people felt the same way, because “Happy Holidays!” sneaked up on us little by little until it became accepted as the “official” saying from banners on businesses to holiday cards. What ever happened to saying “Merry Christmas!”? All of a sudden we are too concerned with someone being offended because we used the word “Christ” when in reality its only a few people that actually do get offended. Many people argue that the phrase is meant to generalize all the holidays. To them I say, Don’t be so Lazy! If you don’t like the name “Christ” then don’t use it. Simple as that, but don’t make the rest of us stop using it because a few people will get offended. Guess what? Now there’s a bunch of us that are getting offended because of that phrase. Why? Everywhere you look now you see “Happy Holidays!”, even the customer service reps. are saying it. Yet all these sales are mainly for one specific day. What day is that? CHRISTMAS! That’s right, it is not called HOLIDAYS. Are we going to start saying, “Happy December 25th!”? No. That would be stupid. Why? December 25th is the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus CHRIST. CHRISTmas. Yet the phrase and meaning has been lost in the mind and spirits of many. Today a Bank Of America employee actually wished me a Merry Christmas. I was surprised, in a good way, and wished her a Merry Christmas as well - with a big smile. It felt nice to be told that by a customer facing employee. It’s just sad how many corporations, governments and people don’t get it. An MSNBC poll even showed that a little over 4% were offended at the phrase “Merry Chirstmas” while more than 54% were offended by the phrase “Happy Holidays”. Based on all this, shouldn’t the politically correct phrase be the one on the calendar - Merry Christmas?