Monday, November 06, 2006

All at once ...

Time seems to come and go, without mercy, no prisoners. I must dominate this beast for it keeps beating me to the punch. The last time I wrote a post is proof enough. So many decisions to make, so much work still to be done, so many pages to read, so many tests to take ... yet the days are still 24 hours short and my body keeps pleading for sleep. Being sick sure doesn't help the situation! Today has been a crazy day, I found myself really thinking of the future now that it seems so close and so real. Apparently I scored very high on two tests I took this past weekend. I couldn't believe my ears since they were extremely tough and took about 3 hours each. I guess patience paid off - and the books I have! However, I find myself with a trip to San Francisco later this month and some major life changing decisions to make ahead. It is these times that I miss that lost guidance even more so. I have confidence that the decision I make will be the correct one, but arriving at that key decision will be quite the challenge. Ah, how I love challenges, tests, projects and tons of pages to read! Gives me purpose and is the antidote for boredom!

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