Sunday, August 06, 2006

What's been keeping me busy lately

Those that personally know me already know why I had not been keeping up with my personal projects, writings or keeping up with my ex-editorial duties at Gear Live. Regardless of all that, what’s been really keeping my mind busy other than school and the personal complications that we like to call life is windows programming in C#. I’m learning Visual C# 2005 for a variety of reasons primarily to become a specialist in a popular language for a popular platform; and what’s more popular than Windows? All jokes aside about Windows, it is the dominant operating system and in my opinion does an excellent job in promoting programming by providing tools and resources to expand your learning. I’ve had so much fun during this past month (well almost a month) learning this language through written articles, Video series courtesy of Microsoft, hands on code samples and a book I bought on amazon by Deitel (C# for programmers). The book has provided me with much needed reviews of computer science topics and Object Oriented Programming while the video series has been teaching me some video game design techniques in order to have some fun while learning and also in preparation for my submission in Gear Live’s game design contest. I must say, for it only being 3 weeks since I first started, I’ve learned a lot and have much more to learn. I look forward to it and hope to keep things updated much more sooner than months at a time.

*UPDATE* Community Server is now keeping busy as well.

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