Sunday, August 06, 2006

New Toy

I sold my PSP recently on and have been selling a few of my movies slowly on there since before I listed the PSP. I was surprised it sold that quickly and for the price. Why did I sell it? It was just sitting here in my room not being used and collecting dust. Truth is, I never saw any games that screamed out "Oscar, BUY ME!!!". Ah, I can't be without a portable game system. So off we go to buy a Nintendo DS Lite. This little baby is SEXY!!! It's so slick, shiny and slim. Best of all, there's games that I actually want to play for it *gasp*. Unfortunately, the game I want was not in stock when I bought it - it was actually the last system in the store. No worries though, I'm waiting on the Invisible Shield for it before I actually start playing with it. For now, It's in its protective bag being charged so it may be ready when I am. Know of any great games I should try out?

*UPDATE: I received the shield, installed it and have been playing Brain Age, Metroid Prime Hunters, and Texas Hold 'Em ever since.

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