Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Life Through Blink of An Eye

Life changes ever so quickly that you don't even realize it most of the time. Choices always lead to consequences, but sometimes those consequences happen so fast that it will take you what seems forever to really take in what happened. It's a wonder how just a couple of minutes could mean the rest of your life, or the cease of it. I believe everything happens for a reason, not a set faith, rather stepping stones for a larger picture. What seems to be a bad habit to some might lead to be a life saving one later on in that person's life. Funny how things work out that way. It sometimes seems that all of a sudden we can see the guardian angel walking within us. A protector, if you will, it just seems so larger than life that you sometimes just feel so overwhelmed by it. Feel so minuscule thinking about how there are things so much bigger than you, someone(s) that watches over us and protects us, even if sometimes cannot stop the unavoidable. However, you feel as if you are forever in their debt but at the same time very much inspired by that experience as to say to yourself, "Live like you were dying" because you sometimes don't get a second chance, of course that doesn't mean for you to take any unnecessary risks or defy any type of laws. That saying just means to remember the little things in life, be patient, say "I love you" to the persons you care the most, do not leave in bad terms, ask the person you like out, don't stress yourself out, enjoy a deep breath of fresh air, and above all.... love and cherish every moment you get for it may be snatched from you in an instant.

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